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Mastering the Waterjet Process for Marble Inlay
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October 20, 2023
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December 5, 2023

Introduction: We start every marble inlay project by having a discussion with our customer to learn about their aesthetic tastes, favorite designs, favored styles, and color preferences.

We usually start the design step with a floor plan or exact measurements, customizing the design to the client’s requirements. Choosing a suitable inlay design and placing it on the floor plan may be necessary for this. As an alternative, we might provide inlay sketches and wait for the client’s approval before coloring. This design phase, which ends with the client approving the selected inlay design, necessitates patience and ongoing communication.

Our designers pay close attention to each leaf, scroll, and other vegetation while creating the AutoCAD drawings, making sure that all of the lines and patterns have a smooth, refined appearance. They then utilize Photoshop techniques to add color to the design. Instead of using a dull and lifeless color scheme, we carefully replicate the colors and veins of actual slabs using real images for depiction. This painstaking procedure ensures that the final pattern and hues closely resemble the final inlay product, preserving uniform vein pattern and color uniformity amongst comparable marble kinds.

The separation of the Marble Inlay Flooring is something we carefully evaluate before moving forward with production. Usually, division is not needed for tiny inlays. On the other hand, division drawings are made for larger projects, where each individual inlay tile piece is given a unique identification and dimensions are noted. By streamlining the installation procedure, this phase ensures increased simplicity and effectiveness.

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