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Mosaic Inlay Work

Mosaic Flooring Design

Custom Designed Marble Mosaic Floor Art

TILO: Handmade Mosaics

TILO: Mosaic & Design creates Mosaics for small and large surfaces, including Mosaics sheets and forms for easy application.

Classicism and Luxury

All Mosaics are handmade using natural materials, such as Traditional Venetian Smalto, marbles and Venetian gold as well as precious gems and stones. TILO Mosaics are ideal for living areas or public spaces.

We create artistic Mosaic Panels, Mosaics for Flooring and elements for interior design, urban and lighting.

Following the ancient tradition, we also make reproductions of classic subjects even with Micromosaic.

Upon request we can create Mosaics of any size any subjects the customer wishes.

If you want to urge some year upgrades & renovations around your house, think about a hand-crafted marble mosaic floor style. Your future self can thanks for it. Made up of a resilient natural material, marble mosaics square measure versatile, sturdy and lovely.

Marble stone has been the fabric of alternative for flooring for hundreds of years. The mosaic art dates back even any and neither of these have gotten obsolete within the predictable future. Mosaic flooring may be a unchanged classic within the world of interior style, and we’re here for it!

Mosaic works nice as a trendy flooring different, particularly on high-traffic square measureas and places that are subjected to frequent wet.

Marble mosaic works best as flooring material that has to be useful in addition as ornamental. once it involves style, the chances with mosaic square measure just about endless, an honest designer or artificer will produce almost any type of image, pattern or look victimization the tiny mosaic units.

Mosaic Inlay Work
Mosaic Flooring Inlay Design
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