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2023 Best Marble Medallion Supplier at Tilohandicrafts
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Best Marble Medallion Supplier

Waterjet Medallions for Exceptional Flooring Design


Waterjet Marble Medallions, commonly known as marble inlay, an opulent option for custom home and villa design. These medallions cover the interior walls and floors, symbolizing grandeur. Our collection features a variety of patterns, and we can make special items to match your decor and room. View additional designs here. Select a favorite, specify colors and sizes, and get in touch with us right away. To contact us, please go to the page below.

About US:

We have been creating water jet marble medallions for more than ten years. On our website, you may browse a huge selection of designs. We also gladly fulfill special requests, such as those involving original artwork or the addition of your brand. Our skilled artisans deal with a variety of stones, including mother of pearl, marble, granite, onyx, and travertine. Examine here your alternatives for extra materials. If you need special medallions or borders for the room’s corners, we can also accommodate that. Every detail is meticulously attended to by our committed design team.

Our marble medallions are available in common sizes, but we can also make them to fit your exact specifications. Most of our floor medallions can be enlarged to any required size. Our CNC waterjet machine allows us to precisely cut components as small as 3 mm, allowing us to carry out complex and exact designs.

Our marble medallions normally come in 15mm or 18mm thickness options. As seen in the image below, solid marble medallions are what we most frequently produce. We also provide customers the choice of adding a honeycomb backing to lighten and strengthen the medallion. This is especially helpful for marble medallions or tabletops that are larger in size. We advise using a laminated honeycomb method for particularly large medallions that you’d like not to cut into separate pieces. This enables us to make larger medallions and guarantees the security of the goods while they are being shipped.

Our marble medallions often have a high polish applied to the surface. You have the choice to use crystal polishing to further improve the luster after installation. This will give your appearance a noticeably glossy look. However, we provide honed or acid-washed surfaces to provide an anti-slip option for wet locations like bathrooms and porch floors. It’s vital to remember that these two finishes’ colors will be a little bit less bright than those of high-polish.

Our marble medallions are priced differently depending on the design, size, and material selected. Even though the design is the same, pricing variations could result from differing size or material requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us personally or use the enquiry button to get more information on pricing.

We have partnered with opulent all over world houses and successfully exported our marble medallions to more than 50 nations due to their high quality. We start the procedure by choosing materials made of A-grade stone. We accurately cut the stones into a variety of forms based on the patterns using a CNC waterjet machine. Then, each little component is thoroughly examined and put together into a finished marble medallion by our trained craftsmen. They give the edges a light polish and use a glue of the same color to fill in any joints and spaces, giving the piece a seamless appearance. Making great medallions requires meticulous attention to detail. Please see our marble medallion technique for more details.


Our marble medallions find application in interior floor and wall adornment, including dining rooms, family rooms, living rooms, study rooms, home offices, bathrooms, kitchens, porches, entrances, foyers, corridors, hallways, and staircases. Explore our marble medallion projects by clicking here.

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